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Asbestos Building Inspections

Colorado State, EPA Inspectors and NVLAP Accredited Analysis

Asbestos Air Monitor Services

Mobile PCM laboratory provided at work site for fastest sample analysis.

Mold Consulting Services

Airborne mold spore concentration and variety classification.

Lead Based Paint Testing

Atomic Absorption Spectrometry on Paint chips, dust or soils

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  Asbestos, Mold and LBP (Lead Based Paint).

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Testing for asbestos in a building material before that material is damaged (which can release dangerous levels of airborne asbestos fibers into the air) is a critical step in preventing hazardous exposure to yourself, your family, your employees and all building occupants. We provide a state and EPA certified asbestos building inspector to professionally test any and all building materials. Analysis of all samples is provided by a NVLAP certified laboratory with results available as quickly as the next day.

The presence of airborne asbestos can be detected and quantified by a certified asbestos air monitoring specialist. We provide all types of asbestos air monitoring from personnel exposure monitoring to ambient air sampling to final air clearance monitoring at the completion of asbestos removal projects. A mobile PCM laboratory can be provided at project sites for the quickest sample analysis turnaround time.

The presence of allergenic mold in a living space in excessive quantities or unusual varieties can be a significant health issue. We provide airborne mold spore testing services and swab sampling services to aid in determining whether intrusive mold growth has impacted the interior of a building. Pre and post mitigation air monitoring provides an indicator as to the success or failure of mold mitigation activities. Sampling and analysis is provided at a reasonable cost for the entire western slope of Colorado. Potential mold growth on surfaces and materials can be tested with swab sampling to determine whether mold is present and if so what type/variety. Laboratory analysis results are typically available 48 hours after sampling, and can be determined as quickly as 24 hours.

Recent EPA regulations require Lead Based Paint (LBP) testing prior to renovation of pre-1978 construction. Phase Con offers Colorado State and EPA Certified Lead Based Paint Inspectors/Risk Assessors to evaluate your situation, and offer constructive options on testing, abatement vs. encapsulation, and exposure reduction techniques. Lead can be present in air, soil, water or surface dust. Children under six are especially vulnerable to excessive lead in their system as the blood/brain barrier has not fully developed. Even low levels of lead exposure during childhood is known to slow a child's normal development, causing learning and behavioral problems. It is important to test painted surfaces prior to beginning renovation work which will result in damage to the paint. Once the presence of LBP is known; simple precautions can be taken to minimize exposure and potential contamination.